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  • The Selkirk College airport campus is directly across the road from the main campus and residence
  • A student prepares to go flying
  • More students preparing to go flying, at the airport campus.
  • Castlegar is at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia rivers
  • Mount Sentinel stands guard over Castlegar and the airport
  • View looking south from Castlegar airport
  • View looking west from Castlegar airport
  • View from the cockpit of a Selkirk College aeroplane in flight
  • Flying in the mountains is part of the Selkirk College experience
  • The Selkirk College Airport campus and the fleet
  • Let's go flying
  • The panels of all Selkirk College aeroplanes feature state-of-the-art avionics
  • A Selkirk College Beech 95 about to go flying
  • Beech 95 ready for bed after a long day of flying in the mountains
  • The views we enjoy in flight are spectacular
  • Flying in the mountains never gets old
  • The city of Castlegar as night falls
  • Night fog begins to form
  • Night fog is beautiful as seen from a local mountain top lookout
  • Another day, and time to go flying
  • Selkirk students receive Airbus briefing prior to first flight
  • Selkirk College Aviation students flying the Air Canada Airbus simulator
  • A recent grad at work
  • Move the world
  • Sunsets on another day in the mountains
  • Another sunset in Castlegar British Columbia, Canada
  • Enjoying the scenery of the West Kootenay region
  • Flaps down. It's time to land
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Selkirk College Aviation – Professional Pilot Diploma Program

Selkirk College has been guiding inspired individuals to become professional airline pilots since 1968. Students are immersed in an aviation environment with an emphasis on excellence and emerge fully qualified for the challenges and responsibilities associated with commercial flying.

Take Flight at Selkirk College. Join us for an adventure and prepare for a career!

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